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Below you will see a selection of our case studies. These were chosen to highlight our capabilities of performing a variety of services across many different industries. No matter what your company does or what your company needs, we can accomplish it with amazing results. Give us a call or schedule a free consultation meeting to get started!

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RadioShack of Bozeman

RadioShack of Bozeman faced an interesting problem towards the end of 2020. Tucked away in South Western Montana, RadioShack of Bozeman is the only store in the area dedicated to electronics. They carry a diverse array of products, but don’t get enough exposure as they are located in sparsely populated region of America.

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, RadioShack of Bozeman decided to expand into the e-commerce world as the holiday season of 2020 quickly approached. With a tight knit staff and a short timeline, they needed to get products live on their new site as soon as possible.

I was tasked with the challenge of creating these product pages. As they do carry a wide breadth of products, I set up pages for items ranging from cell boosters to Bluetooth speakers to RC Cars.

This project was very fulfilling as I got to play a key role in setting up an e-commerce site for a locally owned business to help them compete against retail giants. You can check out their website here:

LEAD 406

When I first sat down with Phil to talk, I knew that LEAD 406 was going to be an exciting project to work on. 

What Phil was looking for was essentially a “website cleanup”. I went through the LEAD 406 site in it’s entirety and solved aesthetic inconsistencies to give the website a more coherent look and feel.

I not only cleaned up the web design of the site, but also drastically improved their SEO gaining short-term and long-term gains in traffic. I improved their 404 handing, systematizing their URL slugs and page metadata, and plenty more.

With the combination of cleaning up their site design and SEO I walked away from this project feeling very accomplished. I enjoyed knowing I left LEAD 406 with a solid site both visually and in functionality, ensuring that their brand has been taken to new heights.

Perseus The Tyrant

For many reasons Perseus’ site has been one of my favorite to build.

This project started with a standalone link page. The goal of this was for Perseus to have a link he can share on several different social platforms for his followers to have a single place they can go to access all of his content. 

With this page, I had lots of creative freedom. After carefully looking over all of his social platforms, I got a sense of the aesthetic aspect of his brand. Based around health and weightlifting, I knew that a bold, masculine theme was going to work well. Paired with custom graphic design, his link page came together beautifully.

Perseus also needed a platform to share longform content with his followers. With this information I built a blog framework for him to post his content on. I also recorded a walkthrough video to ensure that he was left with all the resources he needed to be successful with the launch of his site.

With typical clients I see two primary results:

1) The client loves the site and it compliments their brand well

2) Traffic and sales are increased through our SEO work

Helping a client that has a social media following was very rewarding as we got instant feedback on the site when he shared it with his followers. The positive feedback from his fans put a huge smile on my face!

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