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Lightning Fast Loading Times

When switching to our top of the line web hosting, our clients see an average of 30% faster loading times for their web site.

We adopt the latest web hosting technologies to ensure that your site will be getting the fastest possible speeds. Paired with routine speed-boosting services, your competitors won’t come close to your new speeds.

Website Loading Slow?

Don’t want to change your site but need faster loading times? We have you covered. We offer web hosting and speed optimization services. A slow site can lose you up to 80% of your customers. Don’t let this be you! Head over to our contact page to give us a call or schedule a meeting. It’s the perfect time to speed up your site and your sales!

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Custom Built For You

It doesn’t matter if you are an e-commerce brand or a locally owned construction company, a secure site is essential to any and all businesses.

You’ve worked hard to build your online presence, and you deserve peace of mind when it comes to its security. The Milne Empire offers daily site backups and custom security solution that’s second to none. Security must be at the heart of any web design project, and this is where we excel. Whatever services you require, wherever the digital world takes you – talk to us!

Peace of Mind

At The Milne Empire security is the top priority for our sites. With that in mind, we make sure that you can rest easy at night knowing that your site is managed by those who care. Our servers are checked in on every half of a second to detect and fix any issue and prevent any possible issues. Even while we are sleeping, we make sure your site is checked in on around the clock to ensure maximum site security.

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Simply Reliable

We ensure the best user experience for all of your website users. We understand it is hard to grow your business online if hosting servers are constantly down. That’s why we have an industry-leading 99.99% uptime for our servers.

We also offer TSL/SSL certificate installation and updating. We guarantee that your site with us will be ran on the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) protocol. Businesses will oftentimes set up a website and neglect proper SSL certification. Even if it is set up properly, it is often forgot that this certification is not a one time process. Installation along with updating is required to ensure that you are not running on an unencrypted, vulnerable protocol. This ensures the best experience for both you and your customers. Come schedule a free consultation to learn more!

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Web Design

Study's have shown unattractive sites can lose you an average of half your customers! Time to take back customers from your competitor one page at a time!


Need more traffic to your site? We design sites specifically to land higher on Google, ensuring more traffic and more sales for you!


Need more help growing your business online? Schedule a call with us and we can cater specialty services that suit your company's need perfectly!

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