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We Are The Milne Empire

Tam arte quam marte ("as much by skill as by strength")

I chose to represent my family name to bring them honor. Generations upon generations of my ancestors has led to my birth. I will stop at nothing to spread the Milne name and preserve it’s greatness.

Our Empire Is Built On Legacy and Family

To me owning a business and helping out other businesses is about two things: Legacy and Family.

Legacy and family have a symbiotic relationship. The more I help build the Milne legacy, the more resources I have to provide for my family. And by helping you and others cement their legacy, the larger my family grows.

The Milne Family Crest

We Don't Stop

We work around the clock to ensure growth for your business. We make your dream our mission and won’t give up until our mission is complete. Give us a call and learn more about how we can help you and make your dream become a reailty!

We Are Innovators

Have an idea your not sure can be done? At The Milne Empire we like to make it seem as though anything is possible Hop on a call with us and we can talk through your needs and what we can do to meet them.

We Make It Accessible

We don’t just make a site and send you on your way. We ensure an easy to follow onboarding and offboarding process that ensures you are comfortable navigating and editing your new site, if you so desire.

Simplicity Is Key

The modern world has so much going on that it is sometimes hard for us to forget that the simple route is often the best option. Whether it’s laying out a plan to help with growth or explaining technical web concepts, we make sure things aren’t made harder than they need to be!

We Make Your Dream Our Mission

Our Values Are a Point of Pride

Come checkout some of the cornerstone values of The Milne Empire. Our business philosophy is designed to be the best in our industry. We make sure you’ll never need to use another web designer again.

"Teamwork Makes The Dream Work"

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Cole Milne

Founder and CEO

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