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what is sEO and why is it important

what is it?

Search Engine Optimization is the method of getting your website ranked as high as possible on Google. For example, if you are a divorce attorney in Los Angeles, you will want to appear when someone searches “divorce attorneys in los angeles”. The difference between being on page 1 or page 7 of Google is the quality of SEO.

Why is it important?

Each day we further integrate technology into our lives. So much so that 97% of consumers will go to the internet to learn more about a company. The most important thing you could do for your company in today’s world is enhancing your company’s digital presence. With The Milne Empire we ensure your site with us will be optimized to gain you the most traffic to get more customers!

What Does SEO Look Like With The Milne Empire?

At The Milne Empire we understand everybody has different needs and budgets. We are here to work with you to grow your business no matter your situation. While we cater our services directly to what you need, here are our two most common SEO services:

One Time SEO

On a tight budget or just starting out? This is the SEO service for you. Whether or not you need a new site from us, we will ensure that you are left with future-proof SEO that will help you sustain growth as your business gets off the ground! Right now is the perfect time to jumpstart your business. Give us a call or schedule a free consultation meeting to get started!

Recurring SEO

Do you own an established business that has a bigger budget? Recurring SEO is what you need. We design our services to be exactly what your company needs to grow even more. Run an e-commerce site that ships worldwide? No problem, we offer SEO services that cater to the whole world! Own a local business that serves a specific region? Perfect, we also offer local SEO that makes sure potential customers in your area hear about your company!

We don't just build amazing Websites

See How Else We Can Grow Your Empire

Web Design

Study's have shown unattractive sites can lose you an average of half your customers! Time to take back customers from your competitor one page at a time!

Graphic Design

We don't just build beautiful websites. Logos and designs that look amazing are a key part to a successful brand. Our graphic expertise will give your site that touch that ties it all together!

Web Hosting

Need a better web hosting experience? We offer web hosting as a standalone service or included for FREE for 2 years ($250+ value) with our web design services.

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